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Vibrating Anal Beads


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Anal beads alone are great sex toys but if a vibrator is incorporated into the anal beads, then it becomes one of the best sex toys on the market. This is why the Anal Bead Vibrator has become one of the bestsellers in India. This sex toy is an anal bead with a vibrator. Each bead vibrates when the vibrator is turned on. The toy can be bent to a maximum of 180 degrees so that you can fit it in any angle in order to find the right spot for you. The next time you need to search for your G-spot, you can easily find it since this sex toy can be twisted and bent in any form that you want.

The toy also functions perfectly even when you are taking a bath or in the shower. It is waterproof so you will still be able to enjoy it wherever you are. It functions well with vaginal and clitoral stimulation, as well making it a very versatile sex toy. It works great with both sexes, is made from high quality, phthalate-free TPR material and is very easy to clean. After use, wash it with soap and water and let it dry at room temperature. Make sure that before you use it, you need to sterilize it first and apply lubricant all over so that it does not harm the inner lining of the anus.

Insert the Anal Bead Vibrator gently into your anus and turn it on. It has six different speeds so you can choose the speed and intensity of the vibrations that you like. You will be surprised about what this experience can bring you. With a lot to offer, there is not much reason not to pick up this great sex toy.

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